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LGBTQ Community and Rosedale Neighbors Rally for Chrissy Polis at McDonald’s

PFLAG Baltimore County’s Jason & Mark with Sandy Rawls, Director of Trans-United

A rally was held on Monday, April 25th at the Rosedale restaurant where Chrissy Polis was brutally beaten and captured on video that went viral.

PFLAG Baltimore County and PFLAG Howard County were represented along with the more than 400 others who gathered in strong community support for Chrissy. Her twin brother Mathew Polis, their Mother Renee Polis and Vicki Thoms (who can be seen in the video trying to intervene) were present, along with many Transgender activists and allies within the LGBTQ Community and the local Rosedale Community.

The restaurant closed for the evening allowing the rally to assemble on the parking lot while Baltimore County Police and The Guardian Angels were there to ensure a peaceful event.

Among the crowd were an army of local and national news media. This tragic event gathered steam over the weekend when people across the nation were outraged by the apparent

lack of concern by those in the restaurant at the time. The Manger, and Vicki Thoms were the only two people who made any attempt at intervening.  Ms Thoms was recognized as a hero at the rally to boisterous applause.

The message to the mainstream media was two-fold: “When ‘they’ beat on one of our Transgender brothers and sisters ‘they’ beat on all of us,” and “this is a rally in support of Chrissy Polis, and everyone who has had to endure this kind of violence.”

For more comprehensive coverage see Dana LaRocca’s story in the May 6th issue of Baltimore OutLoud.

Among the crowd were Andrew McCarthy of NPR, Del. Mary Washington, “future” Del. Dana Byer, Owen Smith of Equality Maryland, Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes, Caroline Temmermand and more than 400 supporters


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