Human Library to be Hosted by Frederick County Public Library

Frederick County Public Library is seeking people to participate on its first Human Library program and folks from the LGBTQ+ community would be great additions. I will be helping facilitate the day. Here is some more information:

In line with their 2019 Frederick Reads event, Frederick County Public Libraries will host a Human Library where members of the community are invited to meet with others and discuss their life experiences.
What is a Human Library?

A Human Library provides an opportunity for people to talk to other people, people they do not know, with different life experiences in a safe, non-judgmental environment. The goal of a Human Library is to expand how we see our neighbors and increase an understanding of our entire community.

Human Library is a worldwide movement that began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000. Human Libraries have taken place in over 80 countries. The motto of the Human Library movement is to “unjudge someone”.

How does it work?

A Human Library features individuals -“books” – who are willing to meet one on one with another person and speak openly about their life. Visitors to the event select which “books” (people) they would like to have a conversation with. They select from a list providing basic information about each book. Attendees can sign up to speak with one person or several, as time allows. The conversations are private. Attendees should not feel that any question they ask is silly.